With minimal effort, a content partnership with Bigpoint can significantly increase the attractiveness of your online content and lead to many new, long-term users

Integrating Bigpoint games into your portal is quick and easy. In just a few days, you can effortlessly profit from Bigpoint’s three main “Win” factors:

1. Win: Content
Adding Bigpoint’s free premium content to a website’s games section in order to leverage the site’s overall appeal is not only fast and painless but it also saves resources.
Thanks to various white-label branding solutions the gaming content provided will make users believe that the product is actually your own.
As part of the partnership, Bigpoint offers turnkey solutions which are quick to integrate and require minimal administrative effort on your part. These solutions are accompanied by a free full-service package among which includes: hosting, maintenance and constant updating of the games, customer support and the processing of payments.

2. Win: Traffic
While playing the games, users will always stay logged into your portal and will regularly return there to play.
Integrating the Bigpoint game portfolio increases not only your portal’s traffic over the long run but it also allows you to build and monetize a gaming community.

3. Win: Monetization
Bigpoint offers a large portfolio of long-term games which are played directly in your portal without having to download or install anything.
This creates an innovative, dual-revenue model: You’ll profit from revenue through the sale of virtual items in the game (micro-transactions) and can continue to market your additional site usage (PIs/UVs).