In SkyRama users can carry out a number of different airport-related tasks. Starting out with only a runway, players must quickly expand their airport to fulfill the wishes of traveling passengers and international cargo carriers.

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Latest Press Releases for SkyRama

07. Dec 2011

No sign of international crisis: Skyrama now has comprehensive economic system

Successful airport managers need to utilize all their skills in Skyrama, the newest title in Bigpoint’s casual gaming series

22. Sep 2011

Skyrama clears its first large update for takeoff

Skyrama leaves its beta phase behind: More than three-million registered users will move onto the live version

07. Jun 2011

Now online: Bigpoint lifts off with SkyRama

From small regional airport to international transport hub: Bigpoint’s latest casual game SkyRama lets players manage their own airport, organize flights and tend to airport customers and flight guests. The new browser game can be played for free at!