Our mission
Our objective is to create fun and unique virtual game worlds which are graphically impressive yet playable in a browser. We want to develop games that people across the planet can identify with and can play with their friends. is a web 2.0 game portal with a community of more than 340 million players. The extreme flexibility of browser games sets them apart due to the fact that they can be played wherever Internet is available. This is an important growth market in which the main stockholders of Bigpoint GmbH, TA Associates and Summit Partners, are investing.
Our business model
We are a stand-alone online-game developer and publisher as well as content provider for media companies and publisher. At, all of our online games can be played for free directly in the browser. By selling virtual items to players, we make it possible for them to advance quicker in the game. Thanks to our successful “Free-to-play – voluntary payment” business model, we are able to sell a wide range of virtual goods and additional features. These items and advantages can be used throughout the game to gain the upper hand on the competition but they are not necessary to succeed in the game. For example, players can buy new spaceships or more exotic animals for their zoo to further individualize their game experience.
Since Bigpoint was founded it has grown strongly: With a portfolio of over 50 online games available in more than 25 languages, more than 1,000 global distribution partners and furthermore users in more than 200 countries we are today Europe´s leading online games developer and publisher and one of the biggest online games companies worldwide. In addition to the headquarters in Hamburg, we have offices for example in Berlin, San Francisco and Luxembourg. Our online games are building communities across the globe.

Company Timeline

2011 » Summit Partners and TA Associates acquire $350 million (US) worth of Bigpoint GmbH shares and become the new main investors
» Bigpoint USA expands workforce with talent acquisition from Planet Moon Studios
» Bigpoint and EA strike an exclusive deal
» "Battlestar Galactica Online" off to a flying start with Open Beta
2010 » Bigpoint opens new office in São Paulo
» Bigpoint opens new office in Silicon Valley, San Francisco
» Bigpoint takes over development studio Radon Labs, which alongside eLOFD will operate as Bigpoint Berlin
2009 » Bigpoint opens a licensing office in Malta
» Bigpoint opens its game portal to external game developers
» Bigpoint has more than 100 million registrations
» Bigpoint now employs over 300 workers from 30 different countries at their headquarters in Hamburg Eppendorf
2008 » currently has over 30 online games in its portfolio, some of which have been translated into 15 different languages
» GMT and NBC Universal (Peacock Equity Fund) take over Bigpoint GmbH as major investors
» Fresh, new portal design and a new motto: Bigpoint – You’ll never play alone
2007 » has 22 browser games in its portfolio
» Bigpoint wins 2nd Place in the Deloitte Award 2007 for rapid company growth
and exceptional entrepreneurship and innovation with 4,500% growth in sales » e-sport GmbH becomes Bigpoint GmbH
2006 » Launch of the game portal "" where all Bigpoint games are bundled together
» Acquires share in the eLofD GmbH in Berlin and in SealMedia GmbH, Kiel
» e-sport breaks the 1 million user barrier
2005 » e-sport now has 8 games in its portfolio
» In May the m.wire GmbH reorganizes into e-sport GmbH. With the reorganization, the company recognizes the terminology which has developed in the worldwide gaming scene
» With "Mafia1930" e-sport launches their first strategy game
2004 » m.wire has 3 games in its portfolio at the end of the year
» Launch of the sport games "F1Manager" and "SoccerManager"
2003 » In April the first game - the hockey manager "IceFighter" - goes online 2002 » Heiko Hubertz founds m.wire GmbH

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